How to get involved 

Send your isolation porn (photos or videos) to to be featured.




  • Be kinky: the more explicit, the better. What is turning you on? We want to prioritise images that are sexually charged. How can you convey that?

  • Show off your creativity with the resources available around your house. How has being stuck at home forced you to innovate: online sex, new masturbation rituals, wild sex with the people you’re isolating with?

  • Experiment with daily objects and include them in your portrait in an unexpected way. We want to document this period. What can you use to add context? Think beyond masks. 

  • Videos are also welcome so we can turn them into GIFs.

  • Photos can be shot with a phone, as long as they still have a good quality. If shooting with your phone, play with the timer and use the main camera instead of taking a selfie. 

  • Please no old archive photos. We are looking for original content created in response to the current situation. Make sure that the photos fit the social distancing theme. 

  • Avoid shooting in front of simple white walls or sending close-ups with no context. Use what's in your house to build a creative scenario. Keep it colourful! Even if you can't go outside, use your imagination to recreate a place where you would like to be now. 

  • Get naked! If you don't feel comfortable with frontal nudity, hide it with poses or objects. We want to keep the gallery as kinky as possible. Anonymous submissions are also welcome

  • Respect social distancing rules.